Témoignages clients

Nous sommes fiers d'avoir des clients des domaines publique et privé, de tous les secteurs, de toutes les tailles et dans le monde entier.

Pourquoi notre application BPA CRM fait-elle le succès de nos clients dans le mode entier et dans plus de 10 langues?

  • Est-ce parce qu'elle est si simple à utiliser?
  • Est-ce parce qu'elle est rapide à déployer?
  • Est-ce parce qu'elle est si simple à personnaliser, sans développement?
  • Est-ce parce qu'elle est basée sur la technologie serveur Microsoft qui connait le plus grand succès commercial?
Nos clients expliquent pourquoi ils ont du succès avec BPA CRM.

AGIP/ENI Suisse (CH)


ENI Suisse est une marque du groupe italien Eni S.p.A., l’une des plus grandes sociétés pétrolières au monde.

En Suisse, ENI est présente avec plus de 250 stations-service et propose une gamme de lubrifiants et de carburants, ainsi qu’un éventail de services personnalisés.

ENI Suisse, suite un appel d’offre, a choisi la solution BPA CRM pour des questions de flexibilité, d’intégration et de coûts. BPA CRM a été rapidement personnalisée à nos besoins et intégrée à l’environnement informatique existant.

BPA CRM nous a permis de déployer en peu de temps une solution sur mesure utilisée par nos collaborateurs au quotidien., justifiant ainsi, au-delà de notre attente, notre investissement dans la technologie SharePoint.

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Era Helicopters (USA)

ERA Helicopters

With more than 60 years experience, Era Helicopters LLC (Era) is an established leader and the longest serving helicopter provider in the industry. Headquartered in Lake Charles, Louisiana, transporting personnel to the shallow and deepwater oil and gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska is Era’s primary business.

We looked at different programs, but decided to use BPA CRM because of the flexibility the system gives us in creating different views and lists, as well as user-friendly solutions to import and export data. We especially like the automated email alerts that keep everybody in the loop.

It only took 4 weeks to customize the system, after a couple of hours of training our sales team was good to go and started using the system immediately.

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Falfurrias Capital Partners (USA)

Falfurrias Capital Partners

Falfurrias Capital Partners is a Charlotte-based private equity investment firm that acquires or invests in middle-market businesses. The firm was founded in 2006 by Hugh McColl, Jr., the former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America, and Marc Oken, the former CFO of Bank of America.

After 2.5 hours of training via gotomeeting.com, we were able extend the system to meet our specific needs. We did not have to purchase additional hardware or hire an Administrator for the system.

When we showed the solution to one of our portfolio companies, they immediately ‘got it’ and saw how BPA CRM could improve communications between employees, franchisees, and retail stores.

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SCA Packaging (B)

SCA Packaging

SCA Packaging member of the SCA Group, is a European leading provider of customer-specific packaging solutions with emphasis on state-of-the art design and local service close to customer facilities.

SCA Packaging employs more than 15,218 people at almost 175 production units in 25 countries.

We know we could start with a limited scope and then make the tool evolve because BPA CRM (renamed Fast Track) is very easy to adapt to our processes by our internal staff and with little or no development.

We have been live with our Fast Track solution for about 6 months now in one of our locations and the feedback we get from the users, and all the persons we demoed the solution to, is that it is a great tool that has started to be deployed to other SCA Packaging locations. We have now around 700 actions tracked in the system.

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Synesis International (USA)


Synesis provides a complete spectrum of planning, analysis, and design-to-implementation services for new facilities, product lines, manufacturing processes, distribution systems, and the full range of enterprise-wide information systems and software.

Synesis evaluated several different CRM Solutions and chose BPA CRM because of its flexibility and its SharePoint infrastructure. This allowed us to quickly configure a solution to meet our needs without custom programming.

We have used several CRM solutions in the past. BPA CRM is the most flexible, easy to use CRM solution we have seen. It was also very easy to import our existing data. We were able to move several years of information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM in less than a week.

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